Poetry commissions
and residencies

Jo Weston speaking at the 2017 'Ladies L


  • Researching (including conducting interviews where appropriate), writing and editing commissioned poems

  • Working in collaboration with other artists to create a work which features poetry.

  • Writer/poet residencies 


  • Writer in residence for 2017 at the Maggie's Centre, Nottingham, which included:

    • ​Commissioned poems on the services the centre provides and the impact of these on service users - see list on Poems page.

    • Poetry readings and talks at events and fundraisers, on the benefits of creative writing as therapy during/after cancer.

    • Media interviews on Maggie's Nottingham, writing as therapy and Jo's commissioned poems - see Interviews page for audio clips.

  • Commissioned poem for the collaborative feature 'Snap Notts' in Left Lion arts magazine, a regular feature in which a poet and artist collaborate on a piece inspired by a local theme/location. 'Hopo's' was created in collaboration with photographer Thomas Griffiths.

  • Commissioned poem for the My Three Words exhibition - an IOU Theatre project for the Junction, Goole's online gallery. 'Day-blink', as with all the pieces in the exhibition, was inspired by a specific location in Goole and it's three-word identification on the What Three Words app. For this, Jo created a written version and audio recording of the poem.


David Wheeler
Artistic Director, IOU Theatre, Goole.

On Jo's poem
'Day-blink', commissioned for the My Three Words exhibition:

"You've done an amazing job creating this in such a short space of time. I really appreciate it and it adds greatly to the opening selection for the Gallery. 


Your poem is wonderful and perfect for the my.three.words website. 


Also your recording of it is excellent."