How not to multitask


Sue Wallace-Shaddad,

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"This pamphlet... manages to cover a lot of ground."

"using short lines to maximum effect."

What is How not to multitask (HNTM) about?
Jo's debut poetry pamphlet - How not to multitask - explores the difficulty of juggling ‘normal life’ with challenges which arise in abnormal circumstances and subsequently, the struggle to conceive a 'new normal' to move forward in life.
Jo started writing some of the poems in this book after her cancer diagnosis in 2013 but it was during the pandemic that she found her years of experience with serious illness and chronic health conditions had given her tools for addressing challenges that Covid-19 brought - such as isolation, fear of the unknown and loss.
This short collection of 14 poems brings together these and other related themes (e.g. home, relationships and nature), making it a pamphlet which will appeal to both those who have experienced serious/long-term illness and anyone who is trying to find a 'new normal' way to live after the emergence of Covid-19.
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Where can I buy it?
Print copies of How not to multitask are available from Five Leaves Bookshop in Nottingham. (NOTE: If you can't see it on the website, please email Five Leaves to order a copy.)
The ebook of How not to multitask can be downloaded from Amazon.
When was the launch and where can I watch it?
The launch took place on Tuesday 11 May 2021 online.
Hosted by Sheelagh Gallagher, it include an interview and readings from Jo, plus readings from the following highly-regarded poets and authors:
  • Rory Waterman
  • Wendy Pratt
  • Sheena Bradley
  • Clare Stevens
  • Fiona Theokritoff
Media enquiries and review copies
Full details available in the press release.
To request a preview/review copy of the book, please contact Jo Weston on this website or via Twitter.
Full cover - How not to multitask - Jo W

Wrap around cover of How not to multitask by Jo Weston,

cover design by Tracey Scott-Townsend,

published by Wild Pressed Books.


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Print copies are available from Five Leaves Bookshop in Nottingham.

If you can't find it on their website, email Five Leaves to request a copy.